There Are A Lot Of Labels Out There, Ours Has Your Back.


Thank you for visiting our site. We are happy you made your way here to check out what we are all about. To put it simply, we are Pro Police. We support the men and women that protect our streets. These days we feel some companies are hesitant to say that.


Our mission is to design T-shirts, and eventually other apparel, that reflect support for Law Enforcement Officers. We also wanted to ensure that the clothing we print our designs on is soft and comfortable to wear. 


We do have some additional items other than clothing available for purchase like our magnet calendar. It'll make the rotating day off schedule a little bit easier to understand for those in our life.


We've sold shirts for years but we decided to create a brand, a label, that when people see it they know that the person wearing it supports the men and women of law enforcement. 


By wearing the Blue Label it shows your support but how are we as a company showing our support? We are going to donate 10% of the profits from every item we sell to the Chicago Police Memorial Foundation each year. We encourage you to visit their site:


We will be releasing different designs as often as we can to keep building our brand.


Thank you for putting on the uniform and doing what you do.


There are a lot of labels out there but ours has your back. 


Blue Label Clothing Company LLC